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Nemo Auditur Propriam Turpitudinem Allegans. Ska, rocksteady, roots (and nu roots), digital, dub, hiphop, dubstep, jungle …. in brief one hour of riddims and there will be something for everyone. For everyone indeed because this instrumental album is available under creative common license on the site akuen.com so in free download. But it goes further than that. The goal is to be a riddims directory accessible and usable for all types of projects. The use of B-sides (B sides) is closely linked to the history of Jamaican music and allowed the evolution that we know. But somehow, it locked the movement in a “underground” way. It becomes impossible for some artists formalize their work with collective management of copyright society and assimilated (SACEM, SPPF, SDRM ect. for France ASCAP, JACAP, PRS abroad). Legally their activities are related more or less to piracy, this is where the saying “Nemo auditur …” (from a famous latin maxim of roman law: “No one can be heard to invoke his own turpitude. “) is applicable, they can not reap the fruits of their labor simply because they do not have all the necessary rights. The creative common license allows use of these riddims for the creation of derivated works like simply to affix his voice or to make a remix. There is only a obligation  to mention the composers and the name of the riddim used. SACEM (French collective copyright management society) does not allow commercial use of these riddims, however Akuen agrees to sign declarations of works by artists using these instrumentals versions.

Nemo Auditur Album Cover

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“Arite Akuen mi bredda…. me nah overstand… what can I do fi dis ?”

Well, first of all you can download it and listen to the riddims… That’s a good start. And for the rest, go check the FAQ on the akuen.com website

Yeah man but can I voice di riddims dem or wa di ting seen ?

Exactly that’s the plan. Theses riddims are under creative common licence, you can have a look of the modality of use here (LINK). It mean that with no further fomality you can use it to create some derivated artworks (to voice so riddims or remix it and in many more ways) as long as it is for a non-commercial use.

Its like I can use it fi an album and sell it ?

Unfortunalty no like that. In that case, the creative common licence is not enough to use it that way but….

Eeeeeeh ? WTF ? A wa dis weird concept bredda ?

The good news is, we also find this strange, our goal is to build a real riddims repertory destinated to all singers who need it, for any projects, regardless if it is for commercial use. This is the reason why, all composers of theses riddims agree to give their consent for the use of theses riddims as long as the copyright is respected.

Easy ! Wollan fi you big ass words dem, me nah get ntn !

Concretely, as long as artworks are declared to SACEM (or ASCAP, JACAP, PRS), recordings to SPPF or SCCP and that distribution keys are congruent to the standards in the music industry. Yes these riddims are usable for all single, album, compilation or vidéo projects.

Me nah get it right. How can you earn money fi dis ?

Composers, interpreters, producers will only have an interessement of copyrights wich are proportionnals to the commercial incomes of theses derivated artworks. But beyond making money, the plan here is to build a riddim repertory to do some legal raggamuffin.

Arite, big up mi don, a nice concept dis seen !

U done know star. Blessings.

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