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This is a tribute to Israël Vibration by Akuen and friends !
Rudeboy Shufflin’ is one of my favorites Apple Gabriel song. We tried to make it more modern with some dubstep and bass music textures.
Hudges shout out to Lockless, Maylan Manaza and Ben Bass. You guys mashed up the thing !

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C’est un hommage à Israël Vibration par Akuen and Friends.
Rudeboy Shufflin’ est une de mes chansons préférée d’Apple Gabriel. On a voulu y apporter une touche de modernité avec des textures dubstep et bass music.
Gros big up à Lockless, Maylan Manaza et Ben bass ! Vous avez assuré les gars !

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Lockless: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals

Maylan : Lead Vocals (Dubstep Verse)

Akuen : Fingerdrumming (Ableton Push 2) and riddimaking

Ben Bass : Bass Video: Akuen



Snapchat : maylan97

Instagram : maylan_manaza

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